Monday, Monday…

Ah, Monday!  It’s usually the most maligned day of the week – meaning the weeked is over, the work week has begun…..but it doesn’t have to be all bad!!

You’ll  notice something new if you scroll down to the bottom of my page – go ahead, do it now, I’ll wait….  Oh good, you’re back!  Did you notice the new ‘blinkie’ for SUDSOL? 

You don’t know what SUDSOL is?  That’s okay – I didn’t either, until I clicked on the same ‘blinkie’ on another Stampin’ Up! demonstrator’s page!   SUDSOL stands for ‘Simply Unique Demonstrators Sharing Online’ – a FANTASTIC website for Stampin’ Up! demonstrators to join for Stampin’ Up! information, workshop tips and templates, project ideas, and much, much more!  And a lot of what you’ll see there is unique to SUDSOL – not on every other site you go to!

If you’d like to try it out for FREE for 2 weeks, just click on the ‘blinkie’ below, and it will take you to the trial member sign up page.  You won’t regret it!!  And I’m pretty sure that, like me, once you check out the incredible wealth of information sharing on this site, you’ll sign up for your SUDSOL membership, too!  You can sign up for different terms; 3months, 6 months or 1 year; whichever suits you best.  And that’s what SUDSOL is about – helping you with your Stampin’ Up! business, the way that suits you best.

So c’mon!  2 FREE WEEKS!  You’ve got nothin’ to lose! 🙂

Happy Stamping, and SUDSOL reading!


About debsmart

Being creative is my 'thing'! Well, that and coffee. Being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator is a great creative outlet, as well as a good way to make new friends.
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